iOS 15 Hands-On: Top 5 New Features!
The best iOS 15 Features, coming to an iPhone near you!
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iOS 15 wallpapers:

0:00 Intro
1:02 Redesigned apps
2:56 Facetime features
5:31 Live Text
7:07 Notifications
8:13 Focus Modes
10:15 Other Stuff + Conclusions

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  • Diego Raygo
    Diego Raygo

    the new new new stuff

  • Robert Gardner
    Robert Gardner

    Am I the only one that rarely uses their biggest features every year?

  • Julius Szentadorjany
    Julius Szentadorjany

    when does the final edition 15 come out?

  • Dereck Breuning
    Dereck Breuning

    Love Focus modes!

  • Salma Makki
    Salma Makki

    You’re amazing! 😍😍

  • Creativity

    Give me one iphone 12 pro max

  • —{ Unassailable }—
    —{ Unassailable }—

    1:09 whoohoo 69⁰ is back in weather app.

  • NexusExtreme

    As an android user I really don't find anything exciting here.

  • goodie2shoes

    Not updating

  • Htalli I
    Htalli I

    Just making us more and more dependent on this, making us dumber

  • Ryhanon

    Dude… uh… you can type the time on the alarm *now* with iOS 14. This is not a new feature.

  • M.H. J.
    M.H. J.

    Devine Pro 4000, best headphones I have ever used.

  • Job Opportunist cisco
    Job Opportunist cisco

    Having samsung ads on ios video VIlinks is clever

  • Orange Soda
    Orange Soda

    i really like the text thing on the photos definitely help with my classes

  • Lucia Jayce
    Lucia Jayce

    Literally no one asked for these new features, they’re nice but it’s very minimal… *UPGRADE SIRI*

  • Perla Lamie
    Perla Lamie

    The redundant mountain alarmingly tease because history concordantly rejoice of a evasive ambulance. secretive, somber chill

  • Nabil P
    Nabil P


  • * IMARK
    * IMARK

    Please some one tell mobile companies that make a phone and gift dslr separately and then pack them together as single phone.

  • Nathaniel Mg
    Nathaniel Mg

    Is the iOS 15 beta worth it

  • Asher Boulet
    Asher Boulet

    I don’t have a slider for my clock. I only have a typing thing. I’m not on iOS 15. On the latest phone.

  • Miresco

    Not excitet as i was with ios 14

  • Rahul singh DeswaL
    Rahul singh DeswaL

    I bought 11 pro max in feb 2020 Its battery started degrading & gone to 88% in 8 months. I used it 8-10 hrs daily. After nov-2020 i bought 12 pro max & used 11 pro max for 1-2 hrs daily average. But now after ios updates Its battery gone to 100% again I am surprised how it happened. I am using 20 watts charger for 11 pro max . I bought 12 pro max in nov-2020 & using 61W charger. Battery cycles 301 & battery percentage is 94%. Daily usage is 10-12 hrs. Is it ok or not Pl tell me .

  • CharliePuth Fan
    CharliePuth Fan

    Ya’ll I switched from a iPhone 7 to a iPhone 12 Pro max, best choice I made lol did this in April btw

  • Ahsan Mohammed
    Ahsan Mohammed

    3:30 You can hear air blowing (a fan?) or some machine in the background over his voice.

  • israel.

    ???? ???? ???? we can already type our alarm clocks-

  • Shishir Dhakal
    Shishir Dhakal

    Bro i think you are little slower on i-info..

  • Juan Teruggi
    Juan Teruggi

    oh look! google lens features lol

  • Caleb Evans
    Caleb Evans

    Focus mode is gonna be amazing

  • Usada kitsune [pencult commander and captain ]
    Usada kitsune [pencult commander and captain ]

    2:11 the position of those sites made me spit out my coffee and almost die laughing

  • Utpal Gautam
    Utpal Gautam

    10:00 Remember Nokia Profiles? Nokia tried to do focus modes for a long time.

  • Mazhar Usman Khan
    Mazhar Usman Khan

    Ur phone wallpaper is amazing. Where I can get this ?

  • The One
    The One

    each year ios is going farther, android dont shoud exist anymore


    Why Siri can’t tell time without internet still in iOS 15

  • Beau

    I hope they fix the Bluetooth b/c ios14 Bluetooth has been trash.

  • רון ויטאן
    רון ויטאן

    this ios 14.7.1

  • Pedrinni

    When will it be launched?


    i am watching this video with my iphone 6s plus 16gb ios 13.6 😂

  • Donny Sensat
    Donny Sensat

    I just came across your videos and I really enjoy listening to them. I subscribed and look forward to more videos.

  • vincent Langwane
    vincent Langwane

    Can i have the iphone you are holding 🤧

  • sri

    Will it have the unique feature of slowing down old phones for better battery performance?

  • Luca Lolaico
    Luca Lolaico

    Serious question now, what breed is that cat actually?

  • Robbie B W
    Robbie B W

    iOS 15 literally is just iOS 14.8.

  • Akam O.
    Akam O.

    I'll wait for iphone 30

  • Chakraa

    wolfram? looking up oracles for cardano aye? lol

  • Ooh Siney
    Ooh Siney

    me still running ios 14 why

  • Kunal Gahala
    Kunal Gahala

    I support android!!!

  • Dimas Chandra Lukita
    Dimas Chandra Lukita


  • Krm Velso
    Krm Velso

    One Focus mode only for when u are with your girl

  • Arun Chib
    Arun Chib

    hah!! No unique Feature, everything same n boring.

  • Tio Riff
    Tio Riff

    Did anyone notice tic tok app in his mobile?

  • Pyralis

    Dang I just got the beta (cuz I forgot to actually install it after getting the profile lol) and man those little changes are what you notice. Feels real good so far!

    • yasio bolo
      yasio bolo

      Focus modes will be so good for me, especially since I get lots of discord pings

  • Super Taehyung
    Super Taehyung

    Omg why my iph12pro not updating to ios 15

  • Blacksmith SOG
    Blacksmith SOG

    Typing the time for the alarm has been there for a while now

  • Wies Verbeke
    Wies Verbeke

    damn still going with the iphone 4s, hoping it gets ios69

  • Feeling Goood
    Feeling Goood

    Change your channel name to MKBHD APPLE

  • The bedrock player
    The bedrock player

    Who else saw the video then thought it said iPhone 15...

  • Ankit Sareen
    Ankit Sareen

    Waiting in India for the update as usual. 😵‍💫

  • Quinxyok

    Can iPhone 7 get iOS 15

  • ステハゲ内閣総理大臣

    Samsung is best phone

  • MR B DOG…
    MR B DOG…

    Same as all Apple updates, most users won’t use most new stuff, or will barely notice any change from previous versions. Just focus on the main features we all use most Apple.

  • Luis Castro
    Luis Castro

    Shoutout to linustechtips for that Skillshare segway.

  • BMD7

    I had an issue with IOS 15 beta when my WhatsApp would crash and not open, Did this also happen to you?

  • Astral Police
    Astral Police


  • JORO55_08

    How rare are you? No1. Left hand writer No2. Always won on games No3. Running iOS 15

  • Ahmad Istaitih
    Ahmad Istaitih

    عالعافية ابو المركس, بدك شغيلة لشهر 9, بقبل باي معاش

  • don't check my youtube channel
    don't check my youtube channel

    LOL.... I have all this features in my 'ONE PLUS 6' haha ....title of any Iphone event or review should be just display its company name as 'IPHONE'......people will buy doesnt matter how lame the phone is!

  • Bailey Klingener
    Bailey Klingener

    6:01 🤯🤯🤯 - People in college taking pictures of other peoples notes

  • llll

    How long are we gonna keep allowing Apple to fuck us

  • emre

    When is it releasing

  • His Shadow
    His Shadow

    Great video. You are correct, focus modes is amazing. It’s perfect for people with two lines on their phone.

  • Natalie Zorrilla
    Natalie Zorrilla

    My biggest question is, will IOS 15 allow you to completly remove the docket on homescreen? IOS 14 allowed to remove all apps but that stupid grey box remained no matter what you tried to do. Will the IOS 15 finally allow you to remove that or remove the shortcuts (camera/flashlight) that appear on the lockscreen?

  • Ricki Daone
    Ricki Daone

    Those profiles will come in handy… 😈

  • Michael Damiani
    Michael Damiani

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  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml

    you’re reading this please keep scrolling this is my way of therapy lol.

  • 5ONE4

    I'm DEFINITELY going to be using that image text function. Great Video Marques, keep it up.

  • Milo Dimensi
    Milo Dimensi

    Impressed, but I think you can done best with Dimen review.

  • Kaze Ai
    Kaze Ai

    I was securely dying for a upgraded weather app, thanks Apple, you get me 🥲

  • lildarkiesnerfgun

    Me just now getting used to an iPhone and now its gonna look different😭😭😭

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml

      Improve the call quality!

  • ian wisniewski
    ian wisniewski

    The crooked tax characteristically communicate because airship postmeiotically bubble within a right tuesday. devilish, parsimonious appliance

  • Dani Butler
    Dani Butler

    Great 👍🏽 video!!!

  • SUB!

    I think the dislikes are mad Android users

  • Pollob Boss
    Pollob Boss

    Dual apps feature is great on Android

  • Karan Hasija
    Karan Hasija

    I had a moto X which had focused mode thingy already built in.

  • JimmyBreeze

    Any update on the screen hertz??? Is it stuck in 60hz?

  • Switch TV
    Switch TV

    Im still on 14 snd it says up to date

  • rrey0456

    Very good improvements. Can’t wait to check them out for myself. Thanks mkbhd thanks apple

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl

    when will Apple finally add reminders on the calendar?

  • akid lust
    akid lust

    hey kallu... how r u?

  • Daniel Tengdin
    Daniel Tengdin

    Weather app needs to have the radar function like other apps


    My favorite phone Samsung galaxy a72 plz sent me...

  • paul burns
    paul burns

    Improve the call quality!

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      shiny phone in the back keep playing with me!

  • Max Espinosa
    Max Espinosa

    Those upgrades in maps are going to be basically just in US, so not much excitement on that

    • Agustin Landeros
      Agustin Landeros

      Hey you never know

  • GBDK4L

    They were out here in Atlanta earlier this year updating the map apps

  • Restore Urphone
    Restore Urphone

    It looks very familiar apple iPhone 13 am so sad with This design

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith

    The deafening burst extraorally untidy because water proximately wink midst a living angora. dead, amusing tuba

  • ChadX

    1:43 Hopefully he didn't forget to delete that alarm

  • 허미경

    The jagged snowflake contemporaneously dream because tadpole iteratively dust unlike a spiteful pasta. lethal, questionable giant

    • K JH
      K JH


  • Bajulaiye Akorede
    Bajulaiye Akorede

    Is it beta

  • Stanley Keese
    Stanley Keese


  • hannahh_ daii
    hannahh_ daii

    love text is gonna be so helpful with homework notes 😩

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