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  • Sriram Shiva Kumar
    Sriram Shiva Kumar

    This is like the time when Samsung Exynos that was supposed compete Snapdragon 888 sucked. But tensor might be better, and if it is then Qualcomm is in trouble.

  • Kurt Schwind
    Kurt Schwind

    Just this year I went from Pixel -> iPhone. Because my Pixel 2 XL (which was still behaving well) was no longer supported. Meanwhile Apple is still doing updates for iPhone 6. I'd love it if Android phones got 6 years of support. Might switch back.

  • Nabhonil Sarkar
    Nabhonil Sarkar


  • Hammad Hussain
    Hammad Hussain

    Those bezels though.

  • Rana Shadab
    Rana Shadab

    So now one's talking about the AI side of this Tensor chip. It seems obvious tp me that google's main focus with this chip is to have better AI on their phone as that's the area google is pushing into as mentioned by their CEO.

  • mangaas

    The clear plastic looks cheap. When trying to make clear she'll with tech, it's better to have a slight matte finish, and not a completely clear and glossy look.

  • Joyal Joseph
    Joyal Joseph

    Hallo marquis

  • devious623

    Apollo 11 didn't have a moon rover

  • Ghost CODM
    Ghost CODM

    6:27 Goodmorning BTW (Watch)

  • John Castino
    John Castino

    Good analysis Marques!

  • Patrick Ament
    Patrick Ament

    The FJ cruiser had 3 wipers too!

  • Craneos Gamers
    Craneos Gamers

    Can someone pls tell me how to put AI objects in the measure app. I wanna do it. How he put the wheel barrow. If someone sees this comment pls tell me

  • Baha0thman

    It's a mix from the galaxy s20 in the front and s10 in the back

  • Lisa Morgan
    Lisa Morgan

    The thirsty crow macropharmacologically wrestle because equinox lovely fix about a dirty inch. uneven, dark teller

  • Their Teammate
    Their Teammate

    Hi. I’d like to order a 2077 police vehicle please, thank you.

  • Tt ES
    Tt ES

    Dear Mr Marques - Excellent Job ! - I'm 50+, 1M miles+, owned 20+ cars (including the first private owned R/Zoe in southern Europe, which I still drive) - I absolutely love the yoke with the touch', the screen, the clean interior, the software driven vs hardware/knobs approach, in short, the whole thing - most people I know with a similar profile to mine have been dreaming to have this things in a car for decades - some of you may be too young to remember but Volvo and Citroen already started experimenting with yokes, center joysticks (for steering and accelerate/brake) and single "tv" screens back in early 80's, we all loved the concepts back then and were ready to pay the premiums, but unfortunately they lacked the guts to serial manufacture those. My point, Tesla innovative approach, even may be too advanced or unnatural for some, but definitely is the only manufacturer who dares to do something fresh and really innovative in all aspects, including the "user experience", concept which no other manufacturer has grasped so far. I'm patiently waiting for the Y stock to become available either in EU or UAE to get mine.

  • Святозар Пупкин
    Святозар Пупкин

    The fabulous cornet conjecturally hope because talk typically arrest at a impossible screen. diligent, callous view

  • chesstteerrr

    Pixel Daft-Punk Edition

  • MR MOU.
    MR MOU.

    "EV's need to be efficient!" Americans: make it a box and put a big battery, if it doesnt work, put a bigger one.

  • Orikku

    They gonna remove the screen for iPhone 14

  • KewlBreezeKeez

    They look nice, however Cybertruck will crush all of this. lol

  • DoctorX17

    Did a case manufacturer send those to you, or did Apple send them because you're like, _the_ phone guy?

  • Creativity

    Give me one iphone 12 pro max

  • ᴄʏʀᴜᴤツx

    Hope Google will eat the whole android flagship smartphone market to show other companies what pure android and optimisation can do And to show Snapdragon a big fat middle finger I'm buying pixel for sure

  • Rayano Hazag
    Rayano Hazag

    Alg 🇩🇿🇩🇿 is on the video

  • Sin Jon
    Sin Jon

    People with 50 years driving experience aren’t going to be buying this car

  • —{ Unassailable }—
    —{ Unassailable }—

    1:09 whoohoo 69⁰ is back in weather app.

  • Siddharth Dash
    Siddharth Dash

    Any idea on the pricing?

  • Mr. Drich
    Mr. Drich

    Change the placement of the other camera = Innovation 🤯

  • NexusExtreme

    As an android user I really don't find anything exciting here.

  • Hamham

    I love the simple but beautiful design of the pixel 5 That matte back feels good 😌 Wish they kept it for the pixel 6 but I'm going to use a case anyways 💩

  • T-rizzle

    Anyone know where the drum break at the first few seconds is from?

  • goodie2shoes

    Not updating

  • Lola Gay
    Lola Gay

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  • shezad2006

    Although I hate GM, I WANT this truck 😉

  • amaranthbbh

    imma save money to buy this soon idc if i am gonna own this in 2025 imma still buy it

  • Scott McLendon
    Scott McLendon

    So much clunk. Being able to hide an unnecessary gear shifter is not a benefit. A rotary dial embedded in a touch screen? Explain that. A faux radiator grill? But the thing that takes the cake is the warning sticker about exhaust.

  • Jafet Solomon
    Jafet Solomon

    mkbhd :)

  • Thiago Lucchesi
    Thiago Lucchesi

    Great review! Have you tested them in Microsoft Teams for about 1 hour? I'm just asking because some earbuds (like my actual) simply lost connection after 30-40 min.. and it only happens on Teams APP, they keep connected without problems when watching videos on VIlinks, listen music on the phone, or anything else. It's a Teams issue with some brands apparently..

  • K○M

    Upload 50 started to look like the take on me music video

  • Htalli I
    Htalli I

    Just making us more and more dependent on this, making us dumber

  • Ken Fung
    Ken Fung

    I find that they are somewhat mediocre, especially when the sound starts to distort above 70-80%

  • Sam

    Well it’s enough to make me upgrade from my iPhone 8! The camera on this thing suckkkksss in comparison! Lols

  • Jayaprakash Balakrishnan
    Jayaprakash Balakrishnan

    No driving test? just hop in and hop out? Diappointing.

  • San Chow
    San Chow

    Is it possible to leave it in sunlight for a week or longer to see if the clear plastic turns yellow?

  • Shekhar Moona
    Shekhar Moona

    If Apple can improve power management with a chip, just picture what they could do to an EV.

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott

    my friend worked on the trim design for these

  • Greasy Weesie
    Greasy Weesie

    It looks exactly like that pickup truck from cyberpunk

  • Shekhar Moona
    Shekhar Moona

    I'm still on a Pixel 2 XL. Out of all the phone's I've owned this, and Motorola have been the most durable. The 6 will probably be my next phone.

  • J Holmes
    J Holmes

    Why did my new Ipad come with usb-c and the new iphones come with lightning… that is annoying.

  • sffl83

    Imagine Jeremy Clarkson trying to speak about phones and smartwatches. I feel like that trying to watch any video from this tech guys about cars. They give so many details that only a person who doesn't love cars would give. Really bad

  • Ali Izs
    Ali Izs

    Ok no one here talk about what they talked about 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Tiff Wey
    Tiff Wey

    I'm so fucking keen

  • wolf81

    I'm still amazed how good you and your team are , this channel is second to none, when it comes to tech. I bought my last 3 phones because of your review. Keep it up !! Shout out from Copenhagen , Denmark !! 🤖

  • MrR9brasil

    Great Vid. Have me thinking.

  • Ishmeet Singh
    Ishmeet Singh

    Nice Video

  • MuNcHi

    I’m watching this video after buying iPhone 12 purple 😁😁😁😁😁

  • Mhd Ta
    Mhd Ta

    മലയാളി ഉണ്ടോ 🤣?

  • Louis Perron
    Louis Perron

    Love that the google speech recognition software was decyphering the "Have you ever had a dream that That you um, you had, you'll t-, you would You could, you do, you would you want you You could do some, you... You'll do, you could you, you wan-" kid

  • fubara rufus
    fubara rufus

    Which phone did he used on the video. That phone looks cool 😘

  • Rick

    The scary part is that this is only the beginning.....

  • Shane Churilla
    Shane Churilla

    I have a 10 and the bar is fairly high for me to switch. I don’t see the benefits of moving up even 3 phones later. Waiting for a better MagSafe ecosystem.

  • Timothy Felder
    Timothy Felder

    I just realized I can use that in the construction field as a measuring device.

  • William March-Kramer
    William March-Kramer

    it just bothers me how all of these rich white girls who’ve never heard of the M1 chip nor have any idea of it’s processing power will use all of this performance to take notes

  • dawood supari
    dawood supari

    if gold lightan was a phone instead of a lighter

  • Anony Mouse
    Anony Mouse

    But it's not available. It was literally available in the UK for only a few minutes. Why are none of the influencers discussing this?

  • Eliezerz

    Im using this to rickroll my friends XD

  • Dominik Filipiak
    Dominik Filipiak

    Poprzednio używałem note 10 plus, rysik jest świetny ale obłe krawędzie denerwują. Temu brakuje tylko rysika.

  • David Jarrah
    David Jarrah

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  • Mon

    I don't know about y'all but it actually looks sleek.

  • Joe Black
    Joe Black

    Pain promotion

  • Kira

    Damn that looks like someone puked a design

  • Randy Magruder
    Randy Magruder

    Hi Marques, I hope you get this…I have no idea how to contact the people that would matter at Google, but as a Miami Dolphins fan and an owner of every single Pixel, there is something that the Google camera software does not do: properly photograph aqua. Every time I take a picture that has Dolphins aqua in it, it gets turned into blue. The ‘aqua’ is removed by the color correction software. I wish someone would tell them and that they would listen. The balance is just OFF.

  • Gyorgy Molnar
    Gyorgy Molnar

    Watched on my LG Velvet 😭

  • Lavya Arora
    Lavya Arora

    2021 gang LOL 😝

  • Kat T
    Kat T

    First world issue's, while most are starving to death we complaining about specs